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We manufacture conveyor idler and pulley dedicated bearings.
Xinkaite is an OEM manufacturing company based in Liaocheng, China. We are focused on providing bearing solutions to material handling, particularly in the mining sector.
Xinkaite is an expert in the field of bearing idler and pulley products, with memberships of ISO, ILAC-MRA, CNAS, MA, and AL.
Xinkaite will successfully commercialize our flagship product – XKTE®. Xinkaite will entrench its technology in belt conveyor best practice and ensure that XKTE® becomes an industry standard product on manufacturing conveyor rollers and pulleys.   Xinkaite strives to become a globally renowned enterprise through the manufacture of useful products which allow industries to maximize efficiencies and therefore reduce operational costs.
Design Manufacturing
Xinkaite was founded in 2006. After decade of collaboration between manufacturers of conveyor components and wholesalers of bearings, Xinkaite became the leading company on manufacture of conveyor idler and pulley dedicated bearings.
Since 2006, our company has gained a very high reputation in the conveyor accessories industry. With 100% customer satisfaction, our advanced bearing technology helps to ensure quality control in the manufacturing process and to extend the life of conveyor idlers and pulleys.
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